Hi, I am Jennie Hong Cao,

I'm the girl behind Cherish Photography. I’m based in Santa Barbara, California. Cherish Photography is a husband-wife team. My husband Yingtao and I specialize family sessions, newborn sessions and personal portraits. We offer both photos and videos. We are passion to create emotive and narrative imagery that freeze meaningful moments in time.

We have been enthusiastic in photography for more than 12 years. We have been documenting our life together since forever: how we first met and fell in love in colleges, our journey to Europe and then how we settle down in California and call it home.

I am a mother of two beautiful and most loving daughters, I have never put down my camera because I know it’s so important to record their growing up memories, special occasions and everything in between.

We genuinely love to capture real and emotive moments that meaningful and tell stories. Our sessions laid back and carefree. We want to make you feel at ease, having fun as we capture moments that are authentic, even when kids are running wild. That’s when the magic happens. Let’s connect, make friends and work together to create stunning images that capture the heart of your family.

I Like Roaming in Nature

Simple walking in the nature beauty, breathing the fresh air, playing with my kids, and keeping my cameras around.

I Enjoy The Time With My Family

Every day has a different scenery, and the love between you and your family is unique. The love is valued to be documented forever.

My portfilio