We delivered our first batch of mini sessions

We launched our first series of mini sessions on Oct. 15 and we delivered photos to our clients in 10 days afterwards. Now let's see how wonderful moments we created in the 6 mini sessions.

We had a scene setup with a lot of fall elements and a big straw bale in a few meters far away from the setup. We also shoot around the location to create some photos that purely natural without any setup. We were able to capture more than 40 great photos for each session. Here we post a few photos of each session to show the wonderful moments we created that day.

Family #1

The weather is drizzle in the morning. Fortunately, it came to sunny in the afternoon right before our session starting. There was good sunlight for the first session.

Family #2

Sun was becoming shy. The two kids in this family are a little bit shy as well. With our directions, they became much relaxed and enjoyable.

Family #3

The boy in this family needs some time to warm up. Dad created a lot of fun for him.

Family #4

A big family came very early. They waited for a while. We took some effort to stimulate a lot of good moments accordingly. Look, how lovely moments between sisters, between Dad and Mom, and between this wonderful family.

Session #5

She booked a mini session for herself. We created more than 67 photos for her in this session. We can't love more of her smiles.

Family #6

Dad and boy can't join this mini session for this family, Mom and daughter still took some good photos. Lighting became weak as it's cloudy late afternoon, still we created a lot of wonderful moments.

It was a successful Fall mini sessions day

Thanks for people booking our mini sessions. We tried our best to prepare and fulfill all six sessions passionately. Kids might come with shy and strangeness, but everyone started to enjoy the time by following our prompts or playing with the props.

More 2022 Mini Sessions are coming

With the request and support from friends, we opened and are planning some more mini sessions in various cities and dates. See below status of our mini sessions by the time of publishing of this post.

  • Mini Session Oct. 29, 2022 ---- Santa Barbara ---- only 1 spot left.
  • Mini Session Nov.11, 2022 ---- Bay Area ---- fully booked.
  • Mini Session Nov.13, 2022 ---- Bay Area ---- fully booked.
  • Mini Session Nov.20, 2022 ---- Ventura County ---- just open for booking, see below flyer, scan QR code in below flyer to book.
  • Mini Session Dec. 3, 2022 ---- Santa Barbara ---- planning, start to collect waitlist, send us your inquiry.

Mini sessions on Nov. 20, Somis (Ventura county)