Family love story is shining in Refugio Beach

Welcome to Cherish Photography's first blog for family photo session of our clients. In this blog, we'd like to share the emotive moments by displaying their photos taken in that session. We also would share our shoot experience as a photographer in this specific location and with this kind of family.

The Beach and the Family

The place is very beautiful, with rails, cliff, small road and clean beach. It's not the Refugio State Beach, but 1 mile to the south along highway 101.

I'm not very farmilr with Yao & Jing's family though we live in the same city and all Chinese. The family has two boys, 4 and 6 years old. Yao and Jing did a very good job a few days before the session to take our suggestions about their outfits. This shoot location is proposed by them as it's their favorite place for the two kids during the COVID pedemic.

The Kids

The elder brother is super active and playful, the younger brother is a little shy but still adaptable. I tried my best to talk to them, they were playing with stones, wild plants all the time. I captured their playing time moments.

Mom is imitating her son to walk on the rails, which release her restraint.

The warm Dad is conforming the little one.

The loving family is surrounding Dad.

I was asking them to look at this way, then the elder brother did as how he wanted to do. As a result, my camera freeze this moment. We all love this photo very much.

What a wonderful weather that day is! Look at the cloud, the sky and the family.

The railways and the cliff is a little unfriendly to kids, however, climbing down from there to the beach, we arrived a new world to the active ones.

The time, the place, the weather is so cozy. The family of four was enjoying their time.

Dad is sweet, he was paying attention to each family member very carefully.

In about 1.5 hours session, my shutter flashed a few hundreds times. I finally deliver more than 100 edited photos to them. We experienced a super happy afternoon together with the family. They love the photos we captured for them. We printed a nice photo book to them which is included in the session they chosen.

The place with rail, cliff, a short hiking road and beautiful beach is definitely recommended for photographers. Well, we didn't take any photos on that road. There is not any people on the beach. The sunset is on the sea.

I used Canon R5 camera and RF 35 1.8 + RF 70-200 F2.8 lens for this session. 35mm lens gives me wide view while 70-200 is my favorite lens to capture kids and a lot of closer look. The powerful eye recognition of R5 and the prompt focusing of RF 70-200 promise the efficient shooting.

This is my first time to write such a blog to document my photo session. I wish it's good to my client to look back the time we work together in the session. Also, my blog is witnessing my pursuing of real and emotitive moments for families. I wish to capture more meaningful moments for more families in future.